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2021 - a year of success

2021 was the year we developed and launched an innovative LMS, as well as several new leadership and talent programs. Many companies want to invest in leadership development that works. Which we believe is the recipe for winning.

2021 was the biggest record year ever for FRONT Leadership. We are a gazelle company with doubled turnover every single year since our inception. Despite the coronavirus and the economic crisis, many companies are really setting their sights on leadership development for further growth, success and victory.

Weekly leadership development

To become or remain the best leaders, our participants are elevated as leaders a little each week over time. In this way, they develop significantly more than can be achieved in an annual seminar. This has been our recipe for success, and it is precisely this that is - still - one of our key strengths. The very reason why we originally chose the name Leadership Weekly and why we now deliver leadership development in 27 countries on 4 continents.

Eva Berge Tenorio

"What I found most helpful is that the lessons have been so practical and grounded. It has really helped me learn to be a better leader."

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Innovative LMS

As a leadership development company, we have also been at the forefront of our field since the beginning. We are driving the development of ever-improving technological tools for leadership development and the best methods for effective leadership training. Managers who participate in our development programs should spend the shortest possible time learning as much as possible - and what they learn should "sit" as well as a spinal cord reflex. In the past year, we have therefore developed and launched a brand new LMS (Learning Management System) that can stand well on its own in companies that do not already have an LMS. Just as importantly, it can be integrated as a valuable addition to all other LMSs in companies that already have them. Because it is important that when people participate in FRONT Leadership programs, they feel that they are on the platform of their own workplace.

Arena for winners

FRONT LMS can be compared to participating in Birkebeineren. It's worth timing yourself as you run to see how you are doing in relation to your goal. It's equally important to wear your watch while you run the race itself, so that you can always see how you're doing along the way. And if you're going to win, it's worth having someone standing next to you on the trail shouting things like "good breathing technique, keep it up" or "higher pole hold" or "knees forward" or "get back up, you can do this" when you encounter adversity. We have now incorporated this effect of feedback and measurement of behavioral change into all our programs, ensuring an optimal development process for our participants.

Øyvind Tjernæs

"Now I have conversations with my manager that I wouldn't have had without this program, and it's helpful for both of us."

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Øyvind Tjernæs

Lasting change among leaders

The Learning Management System is ideal for creating lasting change in leaders. It measures behavioral change in participants, which is the best measure of learning impact. It's also a smart system for continuous feedback to participants while they are in the development process so that behavioral change is consolidated and lasting. In addition, FRONT LMS is an arena for goal setting and a flexible library with access to an ever-increasing amount of learning content in the form of texts, videos, images and assignments.

Siw Hellesen

"Through participation in the program, I have become much more confident in my role as a leader."

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Mats Kristensen

"Difficult conversations that I previously postponed because I found it uncomfortable, I have now completed, and most have gone much better than expected"

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Robert Marsalis

Market research

In the past year, we conducted our first independent market survey. Among other things, it shows that FRONT Leadership is better known than most other leadership development companies in Norway. It was carried out right after the name change, so that was extra nice, but our goal is to become by far the best-known player in leadership development. The market survey is perhaps the largest ever conducted on the use of leadership development in Norway, and anyone who wants it can receive the report free of charge from us.

Download the report for free: Leadership development in Norwegian organizations in 2021


Our customers have a rock-solid belief in our concept. We have developed a 4-week cycle that ensures 360 involvement of the entire environment around the manager and the 70-20-10 model: 10 percent learning from us, 20 percent learning from each other, 70 percent learning from experience. Many people talk about the 70-20-10 model, but they fail to live up to it because they work according to the skippertak method and don't get people to work with learning in their everyday work. They make them work on it when they're on courses, but not when they're not on courses, which is most days of the year. The FRONT Leadership concept ensures that participants work continuously with their own development and the company's goals, and we have methods that ensure that behavioral changes are lasting.

Stine Melfald

"I have become much more aware of what I want to achieve with the feedback I give so that it triggers the development of my employees to a much greater extent. I also ask for feedback on myself more often from my employees, so that I can work on my own development"

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Stine Melfald

Power center in Scandinavia

We know that the Norwegian model of trust-based leadership is an effective form of leadership when it comes to managing knowledge workers and millennials. Oslo and Norway are in a unique position when it comes to leadership. As the head of NHO said in his annual speech in 2019: "Trust is our most important competitive advantage. This is also very much true for 2022. For next year, we will therefore hire even more leadership developers to make us an even stronger powerhouse for leadership development - in Scandinavia and in the world.

Stian Jensvoll

"I was surprised as to what has turned out to be most important for me from this program: creating buy-in, giving feedback and being a better listener....Things I thought I was already good at, but it turned out I could do better."

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021


What was good enough in 2021 will not be nearly good enough in 2022. More than ever, it's important to be able to turn around, make quick decisions and find new solutions. The market is evolving rapidly - not least because of all the technology that's coming in. Since the start, we have set aside 5 percent of our budget for innovation, and more new products will be launched next year. We will also continue to work on the development of leadership strategies in companies and improve leadership culture in entire organizations, not just in small groups.

Best in class

More and more international customers were associating the word Weekly with a weekly magazine, so it was natural to change the name in 2021. After a thorough process with 40-50 names on the block, FRONT Leadership was chosen. Our customers want to be best in class and therefore need employees who are world champions in their role. Employees who are at the forefront of their profession must also have managers who are at the forefront of leadership so that they work optimally. If managers are unable to cultivate the best in their employees, the results for the business will not be the best either.

Leadership development program

"The combination of focusing on specific behaviors and reflecting on the leadership role means that I quickly notice progress"

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Nils Tore Meland

"Instead of leading the way I've always done, I now try to adapt my leadership style to my employees and the different situations we face."

- Participating in FRONT leadership program in 2021

Nils Tore Meland

Leadership for growth

We have tripled the number of customers, tripled the number of permanent employees and increased sales by 250%. In the past year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Borregaard, Norske Skog, Elektroimportøren and 27 other new companies. We have also had the pleasure of continuing to work with Odfjell Drilling, Storebrand, Bilfinger, Postnord, SATS, Amedia, Fürst and 74 others. What all our customers have in common is the belief that good management leads to growth and the willingness to invest in their employees to give them the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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Fantastic leader

There's a deeper meaning behind what we do. As founders of FRONT Leadership, there's nothing better than seeing thousands and thousands of employees being supported by a great leader who enables them to realize their potential in a meaningful way. Research shows that good leaders create more value, both in the business, for the individual employee and for society as a whole.

From the depths of our leadership development hearts, we thank you for all we have learned in meeting our customers in the past year and wish both new and old customers a very happy new year and welcome more learning and development in 2022.

Greetings Stian and Mats

"Everyone deserves a great leader"

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