Do you have leadership development planned for 2022?

Recent years have taught us that managers need to acquire new knowledge when exercising leadership in a new landscape. Continuous learning and skills development has never been more important. Is your organization prepared for the future? Do your leaders have the right tools to handle the everyday as well as the unexpected? It's time to plan your leadership development for next year.

Digital leadership development for 2023

There are many reasons why organizations have now opened their eyes to digital leadership development. The pandemic has given us many lessons and experiences that we have taken with us. We have become experts in digital meetings and we have practiced distance leadership. This new digital competence creates many opportunities, not least when it comes to leadership development.

At FRONT Leadership, we are convinced that learning should be offered when the leader needs it - where the leader needs it. On the job and in the job, because leadership is a practical skill where mastery is achieved through practice and training. It is sustainable, time-saving, cost-effective and delivers excellent results for businesses. In a changing society, there are many factors that influence the choice of leadership development. Live Leer, HR Manager for Leadership Development at Storebrand, explains.

Leadership development for 2022

Storebrand's purpose is a future to look forward to, and we think about sustainability in everything we do. This also means that if we can cut down on travel and help our employees learn more at the right pace, then this is something we want to try out as the future of learning.

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What should you consider before planning your leadership development in 2023. Here are some tips:

  1. Virtual classrooms work well - and often better than traditional, physical seminars. Especially if you also use interactive tools such as chat, polls, distribution and randomized grouping.
  2. Regular follow-up over time makes you more aware of your own leadership behavior, you learn more and learn to apply what you have learned.
  3. The program should be adapted to the manager's and the company's situation so that the timing, topics and training tasks are as relevant as possible. A combination of theory and practical tasks that help to solve relevant and current challenges in your own role creates lasting change.
  4. It is important to clarify in advance what the management development program entails in order to achieve the greatest possible effect, both for each individual manager and for the manager's manager. Especially with regard to the benefits associated with the use of resources.
  5. Participants often have hectic workdays and many commitments, so it is important that time is freed up to focus on their own leadership training.

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Investment in leadership development will increase significantly over the next 12 months. This is according to an independent survey of more than 400 business leaders in Norway. Download the report and read more about how much companies invest in leadership development, what is important in terms of leadership development ,how leadership training is carried out , differences based on company size and much more.


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