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Being a manager can be lonely. That's why it's often good to have a professional coach you can talk to help you about any issues you are facing.  

Do you want to help your leaders become better at delivering results through others? Do you see signs that the leaders in your workplace are getting tired of their leadership roles? Or do you simply want to be proactive? 

Then our coaching can be just what is needed.

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Why is coaching so important?

Because working life is changing - and increasingly so. The demands on leaders are greater than ever before. The challenges are more complex and the need for continuous self-reflection is greater. At the same time, the demand for focus and efficiency has not diminished - quite the opposite. 

We know that coaching can help make complexity manageable. Research also shows that coaching is a very good tool for preventing burnout among managers.

Our coaching also ensures that managers receive:

  • applicable tools for learning and change, and for coping with their demanding role
  • a more conscious relationship to their leadership practice something research has shown is key to improving performance
  • a learning mindset(growth mindset)
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Who is coaching suitable for?

For managers at all levels and in a wide variety of situations! Our program is a good preventive measure against wear and tear on the managers in your organisation. It is also for managers who express a desire to reflect and develop in their leadership role. Our coaching can be adapted to specific cases which a manager wants to work on. The program is also perfect for managers who are starting to grow weary and need to stop up and find their spark again.

We have extensive experience coaching managers from both the private and public sectors. Managers do not need to have prior experience with coaching.

What is the process like? 

A one-hour appointment is 45 minutes of coaching (plus the coach's preparations and documentation), but we recommend running double sessions of 90 minutes. The sessions are individual. They can be conducted either physically and digitally, depending on what suits you best. We offer packages of 12 hours or more.

We start from the individual manager's situation and their mandate. They can decide for themselves what they want to address in the session. The aim is to enable the manager to:

  • get a better overview of their situation and gain new perspectives
  • operate creatively and find solutions
  • experience recognitions and become more confident, both in their role and in their leadership practice

We build on a positive view of human nature, based on the idea that the manager is the expert on themselves and their situation. We ask questions rather than provide answers. In this way, we get the manager to reflect on their own situation:

  • What do I want to achieve?  
  • Why is this important to me?  
  • What will be different when I succeed?  
  • So what do I do differently - specifically? 

We help the manager to sort through the issues, and to make a concrete plan.

Open programs

In our open programs, you join managers from other companies who are in a similar position to yourself. We have programs for managers at different levels and with different levels of experience.

Company programs

We have extensive experience in customizing programs for individual companies and working with managers at all levels, with a variety of issues and in different industries.

How we work

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A high-performing team performs best when the trainer is on the sideline organizing, facilitating, supporting and ensuring good teamwork. Our leadership programs are designed to give you as a leader the overview and personal insight you need.

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Leadership training must be profitable for companies. FRONT Leadership has developed a particularly effective method for training leadership skills with measurable results.

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Our leadership programs are held during the working day and are designed to be integrated seamlessly. Networking and reflection are keys to success, and we tailor all our leadership training programs to the needs of the organisation.


Anniken Fisher
Head of Learning and Culture, Volue

- It's great to see clear improvement towards the goals we have set for ourselves! We're also seeing a change in the expectations associated with the management role. Previously, the gold standard was the operational manager who became a manager based on professional expertise. The nature of the company has changed a lot since it was established, and the leadership role has changed accordingly. The leadership development program has contributed to a greater understanding of this change and what is required to be a leader at Volue in the future.

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We look forward to working with you to develop your own or others' leadership and using our experience for the benefit of your customers. Our team possesses a broad range of expertise and can assist in the development of new leaders, emerging leaders, experienced leaders and executive-level management teams.

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