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Digitally and locally in your own role at work. Physical Kick-off and closing.


12 months
Start date: 05.09.2024


39. 000,-

Who is the program for?

This program is for managers with HR responsibilities who want to develop their leadership skills and train to become a better leader.

You have a desire to become a great leader who sees, hears and recognizes your people. You're curious and have a passion for making your team flourish and delivering challenging results together.

An increasingly complex working life where changes are happening faster and faster requires development from those in a leadership role. Leaders who participate in the program get the tools they need for their own and their company's success.

Good leadership ensures that employees develop and perform optimally, both today and in the future. A good manager makes employees perform better than they thought possible.

What can you expect to be left with at the end of the program?

Our goal is that by the end of the program you will feel more confident in your leadership role and that you have found out what kind of leader you want to be. This will be reflected in greater self-awareness and a better understanding of your own strengths and development potential. This confidence is demonstrated by not only talking about what kind of leader you want to be, but also by demonstrating this through how you exercise leadership in practice.

Through the program, you will become better at building good relationships with those you manage, which means that each employee feels seen, heard and recognized. You know what it takes to create a culture with a high degree of psychological safety. A culture where people are committed to doing the best possible job and delivering great results, and therefore ask questions when they don't understand, speak up when they disagree, highlight different perspectives, learn from their mistakes and ask for help once too often rather than once too little.

Throughout the program, you'll work closely with the other participants who are also first-time managers, giving you an important network to draw on long after the program is over.

How is the program organized?

The program consists of 10 sessions and extends over a period of 10-12 months.

The first and last sessions are physical full-day sessions that take place at our premises in central Oslo.

The 8 sessions in between are digital 2-hour sessions, allowing you to participate from your own workplace.

Each program consists of a maximum of 12 participants and is led by a dedicated and experienced leadership developer from FRONT Leadership.

Benefits and value you get with this program

  • Quick impact that shows up in practical leadership and your own leadership engagement
  • Understanding what is expected and the tools you need in your leadership role
  • Confidence to handle typical and demanding situations
  • The network and relationships with other leaders you can leverage
  • The ability to continuously develop as a leader - even after the program
  • The opportunity to be the leader that both owners and employees dream of
The right steps to ensure success

This program provides you with increased knowledge and valuable leadership training to enable you to take the right steps to ensure the success of your business. Leaders who participate in the program are given the tools they need and are trained to get themselves and others to perform and collaborate in a better way to increase the effectiveness of the business.

Through the program, you will quickly build a solid network of other managers to support you. The classes of 10-12 people consist of managers in similar situations from different companies.

The program is an integral part of your everyday work life, which means that the company can notice an immediate effect. Just like in top sports, as a leader you need to constantly train and develop - together with others - to maintain your top form. This special type of leadership development over 12 months is effective and profitable.

The way it is managed should be a competitive advantage, both in a demanding industry and in a demanding labor market. Good management ensures that employees develop and perform optimally, both today and in the future. A good manager makes employees perform better than they thought possible.

Professional content of the leadership program

We are committed to having evidence-based, professional content and methodological approaches that are based on scientific research and what works. Our programs are regularly updated with the latest research in management.

In the Leadership in Practice program, we focus on the following fundamental topics:

  • Psychological safety
  • Delegation
  • Situational leadership
  • Coaching approach
  • Feedback
  • The necessary conversation

Procedure and implementation

Our learning methods are all firmly rooted in recent research and what works. The program is structured so that you gradually gain greater and greater benefits, as you are continuously introduced to tools that accelerate your development as a leader. Active learning methods are used to a large extent, where you as a participant are the active learner. A recurring theme in all sessions is reflection. Through reflection, you gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader, the knowledge you acquire and how you can translate theory into practice.

In practical terms, we combine classroom, technology, network and experiential learning. We facilitate individual and collaborative learning. We enable learning to take place in real time, but also when it suits the individual participant best

Work between sessions

We learn best by doing, which is why you will be given leadership challenges to complete between each session. We emphasize that the leadership challenges should feel meaningful and are always closely linked to your learning goals. There is always room for the leadership challenges to be adapted to you and your context. In this way, we ensure that the leadership challenges are driven by an inner motivation to develop you and your leadership.

Research clearly shows that one of the most important success factors for leadership development to work is that your manager is engaged in the process. You will therefore have regular conversations with your manager throughout the program. These will be structured learning conversations that encourage experience sharing and joint reflection.

For increased learning and support, all participants will be placed in learning groups of 3-4 leaders each. These act as each other's learning partners throughout the development program, and have regular meeting points throughout the program. This is a unique way to learn from, support, challenge and motivate each other. It provides continuity in the learning and development process and a sense of community and commitment.

Your own employees are an important support for you in your development. What you can achieve is never your responsibility alone. Management is an interaction and requires both you and your employees to take responsibility for making the interaction work. Throughout the program, you should therefore regularly check in with your team to get feedback, tips and advice and in this way also hold your employees accountable. The check-in can be a conversation with everyone, or with individual employees.

Pulse measurement is a tool that gives you insight into your employees' perception of leadership. It is conducted as an anonymous survey that your employees answer. By using FRONT Pulse, we include the people to be managed and get first-hand information about how what we learn is experienced and works in practice. The goal is to minimize the gap between how you want to lead and how your employees experience your leadership in practice.

3 measurements are conducted throughout the program.

You will have access to a dedicated app to support your microlearning. The app is used to review, inspire, motivate, challenge and support you in your learning process. You will receive regular professional updates and small "nudges" to help you maintain the progress of your learning process.


- We are all different, and that can be our greatest strength if we use it right

Camilla Caspersen
Leadership developer, FRONT Leadership

Our expectations of you

  • You take responsibility for being involved in the program
  • You prioritize attending the sessions
  • You set aside time to exercise leadership in your everyday management life
  • You complete the leadership challenges

Practical implementation:



A high-performing team performs best when the coach is on the sidelines to organize, facilitate, support and ensure good team interaction. Our leadership programs are designed to give you as a leader the overview and personal insight you need.

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