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About the Top Manager program

Through the Top Manager program, participants will gain increased knowledge about effective leadership, as well as concrete tools to succeed even better. Leadership development is essential for sustainable growth in a business. The way it is managed should be a competitive advantage, both in a demanding industry and in a demanding labor market.

Good leadership ensures that employees develop and perform optimally, both today and in the future. A good manager makes employees perform better than they thought possible.

Tools for optimal performance

An increasingly complex working life where changes are happening faster and faster requires development from those in a leadership role. The managers who participate in the program are given the tools they need for their own success and that of the company.

They are trained to make themselves and others perform and collaborate in a better way to increase the efficiency of the business. People who have taken this program in the past have typically increased productivity or been promoted after a short time.

The training of the participants takes place as an integral part of the job, which means that the company can see an immediate effect. As in top-level sport, experienced managers must constantly train and develop in order to stay in top form. This special type of leadership development over 12 months is effective and profitable.

Through the program, managers quickly build a solid network with other experienced managers. The classes of a maximum of 12 people can either be for different managers in the same company, for example across departments - or filled with experienced managers from different companies.

FRONT Leadership currently has leadership trainers with seven different native languages so that the leadership training can take place in the language that is best for the participants.

Professional content of the leadership program

The academic content is structured so that you as a senior manager gain increased expertise and valuable leadership training, while benefiting from a solid network of senior managers through the program. For maximum effect, all courses are tailored to the participants and the needs of the company, and typical topics for senior managers will be:

  • Continuous learning and humility at work
  • Prioritization and goal setting for self and business Time management, meeting management and delegation
  • Coaching of managers
  • Care and support for others
  • Feedback - giving and receiving feedback
  • Inspiring communication and influence
  • Decision-making and planned follow-up

Different methods for senior managers

An increasingly complex working life where changes are happening faster and faster requires development from those at the top. A top manager must be energetic and constantly focus on their people and the future.
In this program, you as a top manager learn to master the various methods to get employees to deliver even better.

For example, a task-oriented leader will focus on "goals and direction", a relationship-oriented leader will focus on "care and support", while a change-oriented leader will focus on "development and improvement". It is important to be able to use all these perspectives at the right time and in the right context.

Establish new patterns of behavior

What works in one context may be unsuccessful in another, and the academic content helps experienced managers understand which method will have the best effect in different situations and with different people. Together, we establish new patterns of behavior and better practices - for the benefit of the company in which the participant is a manager.

As a participant in the program, you will be given concrete tools for good leadership and the opportunity to immediately apply what you have learned in your own management job. In this way, you will receive valuable training along the way, so that the new knowledge is turned into habits. In this way, the program will contribute to better leadership quickly across geographies and functions.

- Leadership is about setting direction and engaging others to join the journey.

Robert Marsalis
Leadership trainer, FRONT Leadership

The Top Manager program is suitable for managers who

  • lead larger functions and/or organizations
  • want tools to increase performance through leadership
  • strengthen our own network of senior managers
  • will be a role model for good leadership in their own organization

Practical implementation:

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A high-performing team performs best when the trainer is on the sideline organizing, facilitating, supporting and ensuring good teamwork. Our leadership programs are designed to give you as a leader the overview and personal insight you need.

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Leadership training must be profitable for companies. FRONT Leadership has developed a particularly effective method for training leadership skills with measurable results.

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Our leadership programs are held during the working day and are designed to be integrated seamlessly. Networking and reflection are keys to success, and we tailor all our leadership training programs to the needs of the organisation.

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