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People are constantly evolving, both consciously and unconsciously. This is also true for leaders. 

Leadership development is about making the development of leadership skills a conscious process rather than unconscious. The goal is for managers to improve their leadership skills and be better equipped to succeed in delivering results through others. 

A wise person once said: "Leadership is figuring out what needs to be done, and then making people want to do it." 

We support this statement . Leadership is about influencing a group of people to do what is needed to achieve common goals.


Why is leadership development important?

Leadership is a profession. If a manager is to continue to perform in their leadership role, they need to supplement their professional knowledge and develop profession-specific skills. It is also important to get to know your own strengths and challenges.

If the managers in a company spend more of their time on management and less time on doing operational tasks themselves, the company will benefit greatly. We know this from research. And the benefits are both at the company and individual level. Every day we receive feedback that leadership development has contributed to both a better working environment and higher quality deliveries. Managers also feel more confident in their role and are better able to face changes together with their team.


Who are our leadership development programs suitable for?

Our leadership development programs are suitable for all leaders! They can be adapted for managers at all levels and in different industries. They are suitable for frontline managers and those who manage other managers, as well as for those for HR managers and those whose leadership is focussed on a professional discipline or service.

Our programs are also suitable for managers with different levels of experience, skills and seniority. Both new managers and managers with many years of experience will benefit from our programs. With our modern solutions, your managers are able take the development program with them wherever they go. We are committed to continuous development and sincerely believe that the best leaders are never finished with learning and developing. 


What will your leaders learn?

Leadership development will improve leaders' skills in areas such as:

  • decision-making 
  • delegation 
  • networking 
  • team management 
  • innovation 
  • coaching and development of others 

Our overall goal for all leadership development is to help leaders know more about leadership as a general practice, and what specific things they can do differently in their own individual practice. 

At FRONT Leadership, we are firmly grounded in current research and we know what it takes for leadership development to work. 

It is also current research that has provided the basis for the development of our own methodology - a methodology that is unique among leadership development providers. 


How does our unique methodology work?

We are committed to having evidence-based, professional content and methodological approaches that are based on scientific research and on what works. If you would like a detailed review of our course processes and methodology, get in touch with us. Here is a summary of the most important points:


  • Adapting and tailoring the program to your specific needs is one of our core competencies. You can also influence the program before, during and afterwards. In this way, we ensure a strong connection to your company's unique needs that provides increased relevance and ownership for the participants. 


  • We are committed to promoting a growth mindset - a phrase coined by the renowned researcher Carol Dweck. All our development programs include an introduction to what it means to have a growth mindset. We enable participants to recognize a fixed mindset in themselves and to be able to change to a more growth mindset.


  • Our programs emphasize practical learning and varied activities. Imparting knowledge is important, but learning happens through practice and new experiences. We combine classroom learning, technology-based learning, network-based learning and experiential learning. We also facilitate both individual and collaborative learning.


  • We use an approach  that provides your leaders small drips of learning over time. Research shows that we learn much more from having several separate shorter sessions spread out over time than from a single long session. That's why our programs take place in multiple learning cycles with regular co-learning activities and ongoing feedback.


  • We know how important community and support are for a successful  program. Our model therefore encourages support from their line manager, colleagues and employees, in addition to the learning group they are participate through the leadership program.


  • Research shows that we must always include both soft and hard skills in a leadership development program! Where the hard skills can be said to be the business skills, the soft skills are the interpersonal skills that build good interaction with employees. Management is first and foremost about creating results through other people. Therefore, people skills are some of the most important competencies for a leader.


  • Leaders in the program receive ongoing feedback  through our own pulse survey tool to ensure that theoretical skills are being translated into practical actions. Our tool is called FRONT Pulse and has been developed according to research standards and our own experience of practical facilitation in leadership development processes.


Finally, we ensure that knowledge is translated into action in your workplace from day one. We know that throughout the development program, the managers will also be delivering 100 percent in their everyday work. The work between our sessions is not free-floating - it is work that is directly integrated into to daily operations, turning already ongoing processes into effective learning arenas.

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Open programs

In our open programs, you join managers from other companies who are in a similar position to yourself. We have programs for managers at different levels and with different levels of experience.

Company programs

We have extensive experience in customizing programs for individual companies and working with managers at all levels, with a variety of issues and in different industries. 

How we work

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A high-performing team performs best when the trainer is on the sideline organizing, facilitating, supporting and ensuring good teamwork. Our leadership programs are designed to give you as a leader the overview and personal insight you need.

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Leadership training must be profitable for companies. FRONT Leadership has developed a particularly effective method for training leadership skills with measurable results.

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Our leadership programs are held during the working day and are designed to be integrated seamlessly. Networking and reflection are keys to success, and we tailor all our leadership training programs to the needs of the organization.


Anniken Fisher
Head of Learning and Culture, Volue

- It's great to see clear improvement towards the goals we have set for ourselves! We're also seeing a change in the expectations associated with the management role. Previously, the gold standard was the operational manager who became a manager based on professional expertise. The nature of the company has changed a lot since it was established, and the leadership role has changed accordingly. The leadership development program has contributed to a greater understanding of this change and what is required to be a leader at Volue in the future.

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We look forward to working with you to develop your own or others' leadership and using our experience for the benefit of your customers. Our team possesses a broad range of expertise and can assist in the development of new leaders, emerging leaders, experienced leaders and executive-level management teams.

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