Designing Leadership Principles with help from FRONT Leadership

Leadership principles are a set of basic rules that describe the desired leadership behaviors of the leaders in an organization. These principles should be concrete, measurable, trainable and adapted to the individual organization. 

We can help you put leadership principles on the agenda, whether you need to create new ones from scratch or want to revitalize the principles you already have. We make it easy for you to involve everyone who needs to be involved, so that all leaders feel seen and heard, and senior management has ownership of the outcome. Our processes are based on recognized research on good and effective leadership.


Why are leadership principles important?

In a nutshell, because they are practical rules of the road and fundamental values in one. 

Leadership Principles help provide consistent and effective leadership that builds a strong and healthy culture throughout the workplace and helps the company achieve its goals.

To elaborate:

  • The leadership principles make leaders more conscious of their own leadership and aware of their leadership practice. We know that a high degree of self-awareness and awareness of individual strengths and potential for development are important for achieving the best leadership.
  • They act as behavioral norms. The leaders in the organisation gain a common understanding of how management should be done in this particular company. We know from experience that this is how a good and productive organisational culture is created.
  • They help in recruiting the right people to leadership positions. Right from the start, a potential new manager knows what your expectations are for leadership behavior.
  • They provide a common language and a shared understanding of what constitutes good leadership in your organization. This helps the individual leader to find appropriate direction in the development of their personal leadership practice.


Leadership principles that are carefully thought out, clearly communicated and followed up in practice become a guiding star that means as much to the business as the logo and name. They become an important part of the culture and speak volumes about what the organisation stands for. The principles become a philosophy that actually works in practice and helps the organisation to move forward.

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Who should the leadership principles apply to?

The leadership principles should be equally applicable and achievable for all leaders in the business, regardless of position and seniority. This is an important goal when developing the principles.

How do we proceed? 

When we help you with your leadership principles, we start with a mapping of your needs. This phase consists of interviews and surveys.

During the development phase, we conduct two workshops together with you. During the implementation phase, we help you with communication and leadership development based on the leadership principles.

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Open programs

In our open programs, you join managers from other companies who are in a similar position to yourself. We have programs for managers at different levels and with different levels of experience.

Company programs

We have extensive experience in customizing programs for individual companies and working with managers at all levels, with a variety of issues and in different industries.

How we work

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A high-performing team performs best when the trainer is on the sideline organizing, facilitating, supporting and ensuring good teamwork. Our leadership programs are designed to give you as a leader the overview and personal insight you need.

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Leadership training must be profitable for companies. FRONT Leadership has developed a particularly effective method for training leadership skills with measurable results.

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Our leadership programs are held during the working day and are designed to be integrated seamlessly. Networking and reflection are keys to success, and we tailor all our leadership training programs to the needs of the organisation.


Anniken Fisher
Head of Learning and Culture, Volue

- It's great to see clear improvement towards the goals we have set for ourselves! We're also seeing a change in the expectations associated with the management role. Previously, the gold standard was the operational manager who became a manager based on professional expertise. The nature of the company has changed a lot since it was established, and the leadership role has changed accordingly. The leadership development program has contributed to a greater understanding of this change and what is required to be a leader at Volue in the future.

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We look forward to working with you to develop your own or others' leadership and using our experience for the benefit of your customers. Our team possesses a broad range of expertise and can assist in the development of new leaders, emerging leaders, experienced leaders and executive-level management teams.

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