Leadership - a core activity of the organization

Management is a core activity in all organizations, and functions much like the nervous system of an organism. Good leadership is essential for everything else to work. We develop organizations by developing management and leaders. We can help with planning, implementation and evaluation. At FRONT Leadership Consulting, we contribute cutting-edge expertise and capacity, and are happy to complement internal resources. We work both strategically and overall, and with practical execution and implementation. Here you can read more about typical assignments we have good experience from. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

FRONT Leadership Consulting

FRONT Leadership Consulting are experts in leadership development. We help companies turn leadership into a competitive advantage in order to achieve overall strategy and development. We do this as business consultants in close dialog with you as a customer, and based on what the management and owners want for the company.

Develop and implement leadership strategy

We help companies establish and revitalize an effective and practical leadership strategy. We start with the starting point in the company and lead a process to a result that senior management has personal ownership of:

Defining good leadership for the business

We do this through a proven process that involves the key stakeholders in the business to identify what characterizes "good leadership" in the business. What everyone should strive for and what guides them in their day-to-day work.

Anchor the leadership strategy

Structure, routines and inspiring follow-up


- If you want to be the best, you have to train the best.

Mats Kristensen,
Managing partner | FRONT Leadership

Design and planning of internal leadership development programs

Our consultants have lots of practical experience

We help HR and development managers diagnose development needs and design development plans for managers. Our consultants have a wealth of practical experience from dozens of other companies, which you can draw on for your own issues.

We work closely with the business

In this regard, we work in close interaction with the customer. The work is characterized by a high degree of business adaptation, while at the same time maintaining research-based insight throughout. If you are interested in this, we recommend that you contact us for a non-binding conversation about your needs and possible solutions.

We are an independent management consultant that contributes to the planning, implementation and evaluation of competence development - FRONT

Leadership team development

All businesses have one or more management teams. These are characterized by the fact that they have common goals and that the members are mutually dependent on each other to succeed. Not all management teams work effectively, and this is where we can help.

We have extensive experience of developing leadership teams at different levels in organizations. From top management groups to lower-level management groups, both newly established groups and groups that have worked together for a long time. The development of each individual group depends largely on the situation in the group.

But typical focus areas are often:

  • Lack of agreement on the function, purpose and issues of the management team
  • Ineffective management meetings
  • Too much time spent on administrative tasks vs. overall strategic
  • A collection of individual managers and not a coordinated team
  • Relationship issues
  • No open reflection on the group's functioning

HR business coaching & support

Many companies state that people are their most important resource. Despite this, senior management may not put enough emphasis on this. HR may not be sufficiently emphasized and HR may not have the impact that the function should.

In many cases, HR is a cost in the world of management, as the benefits are not sufficiently visible to the CFO and other decision-makers. Soft values can fall short when the numbers are more hard facts.

It can be challenging for HR to prioritize in a hectic workday. Which measures and initiatives should be focused on in the near future, and how should we proceed? And, not least, how do I get the right people to spend time and resources on this?

We are well acquainted with the challenges that HR struggles with and have extensive experience as coaches and mentors. We are happy to help and support you if you are facing challenges in your HR role. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat, and we can have a dialog about your unique needs and potential solutions going forward.

Strategic competence management

We help businesses with broader management expertise across functions and disciplines. We assist with planning, implementation and evaluation.

Understand your organization's competence requirements and needs

Initially, we help you understand what the competence requirements are and what the future competence needs are, and with this as a starting point, we come up with concrete action plans that are easy to follow up and evaluate in the future.

Acquisition, development and mobilization of expertise

New technology provides better measurement efficiency

Who we are


Leadership is a core activity in any organization of any size. Our ambition at FRONT Leadership is to be at the forefront to help you as a leader at the forefront.


FRONT Leadership is an independent advisor who enters the business as a neutral and professional guide. Our leadership developers provide creative and conceptual input, quality assurance of plans and/or implementation of plans.


The network group is for those who are responsible for organizational and leadership development in their own company. You believe that there are more effective ways to develop good leadership and you want to be at the forefront of this area.