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Partner and delivery manager at FRONT Leadership

Stian Jensvoll is a confident and solution-focused leadership developer who always has high ambitions for his clients. His favorite thing about leadership development is getting to work with a wide range of individuals and corporate cultures.

- For me, this is an adventure and a journey of discovery every single time.

Written by: Janne Vibeke Rosenberg 

What makes a good leader?

A manager who has a clear view of the overall goal and who fearlessly involves their employees so that they can also take ownership of achieving the team's common goal.

What is your strength as a leadership developer?

I'm very happy to have a good experience base as a manager, because it gives me the experience and perspective to better understand the manager I'm supporting. It's only when I understand the manager I'm facing that I can use my professional skills to support their development.

What is the most enjoyable part of leadership training?

I get the opportunity to work with a very wide range of individuals and corporate cultures. This is an adventure and a journey of discovery for me every time.

What motivates you most about leadership development?

I am touched and humbled when I have the opportunity to experience development together with others.

What benefits would you highlight about FRONT Leadership's leadership programs?

It's crucial for us to be close to the managers we work with. We combine physical meetings and digital touchpoints to stay close to them. This way, managers don't lose precious time in their hectic everyday lives. Instead, they become better and more effective managers, while doing the management job they've been assigned to do.

Why should companies invest in leadership development?

I believe that we will see companies increasingly facing situations that challenge strategy and concepts. Situations that require digitalization or new ways of thinking, and not least employees with precisely the cutting-edge expertise needed. Adequate leadership skills will be crucial to be able to handle this complexity.

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Stian Jensvoll
Partner and delivery manager at FRONT Leadership

Stian Jensvoll is a co-founding partner in FRONT Leadership, and a highly sought-after leadership coach with experience from a number of major projects. He has 20 years of experience as an operational leader in the Norwegian Armed Forces, both nationally and internationally. In addition, Stian has an education from the Norwegian War College and a bachelor's degree in Management with a focus on change management from BI University College.

Teaches the following leadership programs:

  • New as leader
  • Experienced manager
  • Leadership team development

Top 5 qualifications:

  • Operational management
  • Distance management
  • Change management
  • Individual coaching
  • Digital learning and development


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